Tiny action cameras. Go small.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Tiny action cameras might not have as much power as the top-of-the-line ones, but they make up for it in convenience. Which one is the best?


Best GoPro POV Cameras

How They Stack Up...
GO 2
Hero 5 Session
Action 2
Release Date
March 2021 September 2016 October 2021
What Makes it Special?
Tiny, light camera with okay image quality GoPro's smallest camera to date still has some appeal despite lack of features. New modular action camera from DJI is small and wearable
Field of View
120° 155°
Maximum Video Resolution
2.5K, 60 FPS 4K, 30 FPS 4K, 120 FPS
Digital (FlowState) Digital (Rocksteady)
Display Screen
Remote Control / Charger Back (touchscreen) Back (touchscreen) and Front (with front screen mod)
Waterproof Up To (without case)
4 meters 10 meters 10 meters
Extra Shooting Modes
HDR Video, Timelapse, TimeShift (stabilized hyperlapse) Timelapse, Nightlapse HDR Video, Timelapse, Hyperlapse
Camera Sensor
1/2.3'' CMOS 1/1.7'' CMOS
Maximum Video Bitrate
80 Mbps 130 Mbps
Maximum Slow Motion
120fps (8x) at 1080p 120fps (4x) at 1080p 120fps (8x) at 4K
No No No
Camera Weight
26.5g (charge case 63.5g) 56 g (front touchscreen mod: 64 g, power mod: 57 g)
Camera Dimensions (LxWxD)
52.9×23.6×20.7 mm (charge case 68.1×48.54×26.5 mm) 39×39×22.3 mm (mods 39×41.6×24.6 mm)
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