DJI Drones. Fly with the Best.

DJI offer a selection of compact drones that can fold into a convenient size. Take one along on your next adventure and get a sweet shot from the air. Which DJI drone does it best?


DJI Action Drones

How They Stack Up...
Mavic Air 2
Mavic Pro 2
Mini 2
Mavic Air
Release Date
April 2020 August 2018 October 2019 March 2018
What Makes it Special?
Beats the Mavic Pro 2 in many categories, including price, and is smaller as well. The Mavic Pro 2 has by far the best camera of the foldable DJI drones, but it's heavier and comes at a price. DJI's smallest drone is under the weight limit for required registration in many countries while almost matching the orignial Mavic Air in quality. Older but proven drone that is worth considering at a discounted price.
Field of View
84° 77° 83° 85°
Maximum Video Resolution
4K, 60 FPS 4K, 30 FPS 4K, 30 FPS 4K, 30 FPS
3-axis 3-axis 3-axis 3-axis
Remote Controller
OcuSync 1080p/30fps OcuSync 1080p/30fps 720p/30fps 720p/30fps
Maximum Distance
10 km 18 km 10 km 4 km
Extra Shooting Modes
8K Hyperlapse, QuickShots 8K Hyperlapse, QuickShots QuickShots
Camera Sensor
1/2'' 1'' CMOS 1/2.3'' CMOS 1/2.3'' CMOS
Obstical Avoidance
Forward, Backward, Downward Forward, Backward, Downward, Upward, Sides Downward Forward, Backward, Downward
Maximum Flight Time
34 minutes 31 minutes 31 minutes 21 minutes
Maximum Speed
19 m/s 72 kph 57.6 kph 68.4 kph
Drone Weight
570 g 907 g 249 g 430 g
Drone Dimensions (Folded)
180x97x84 mm 214x91x84 mm 138×81×58 mm 168x83x49 mm
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